getting seasick is the worst, How to Prevent Getting Seasick

There is nothing worse than getting seasick. Planning this great fishing trip or even a cruise Lets face it you spend good money on these trips and the last thing you want is to be rocking back and forth throwing up with the one guy or girl from your trip telling you all the things you should have done and I never get seasick. Let us help you avoid this kind of mistake. Seasickness can happen to everyone but taking these steps could prevent you from having a horrible trip

Why do you get seasick?

Let’s first understand why you get seasick Seasickness comes from a conflict in the inner ear. It is also mental. Yes, you can worry or scare yourself into getting sick. In my experience when it happens to me the most is from concentrating or looking down on something while moving then looking up and your surrounding are moving up and down or fast. Like reading a book, phone, or trying to tie a fishing line.

Steps to prevent seasickness

Before the trip

1) First stay hydrated the night before and the day of the trip. I like to use Liquid IV hydration Before bed and in am(if used in am do it right when I get up)

2)Go to CVS and get Dramamine regular or non-drowsy. Take the Dramamine right before bed and right before the trip. (This is a tip I heard from the charter captain and has never let me down )

While on the trip

1) Don t think about it you have done some of the best pre-trip prevention measures.

2) Go to the captain and ask where the best spot to sit is. In my experience, he will tell you he or she doesn’t want you getting sick. No need to say anything about getting sick a good captain will know why you asking. That is why I find my charters at

3) Don t keep your head down or concentrate on one thing.

4) Try to stay away from the smell of fuel burning. For some reason, this can cause it to come on quicker.

One more step I’ve heard never tried is getting drunk before the trip. I don’t recommend this because who wants to be hammered at 4 am? I thought I should mention it because it comes up a lot when discussing seasickness. I could see the theory behind it because your balance is already off before you are on the boat. It just doesn’t seem like a good time to me. It is your decision if it works let us hear about your experiences.

What to do if seasickness happens

Sometimes you have done everything right and it just happens. First, don’t beat yourself up it happens to everyone. If you feel like you are going throw up just find a spot and do it. Once you reach that point you will only feel better once you do it. You don’t have to make a big scene it’s just seasickness it will stop once you get back to stable ground. Don’t ruin everyone else time just pick a spot to sleep and get some needed rest. Plus when you are sick people feel bad and when the first fish bite happens they will usually let you have it so that is a plus to being sick. I like to use a bean bag chair it is one of the most comfortable rides while on a boat. So follow the steps I use and enjoy your trip!

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