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Fishing In the correct Barometric Pressure Can Equal More Fish

Barometric pressure Can it affect your fishing?
Just like everything to do with fishing the answer is not so simple. Quick to the point yes, of course, there will not be that time when all the conditions say no fish and you catch the biggest fish of your life. Fishing is a lot like life there are always exceptions to the rules. We will discuss the best time and what is going on when looking at barometric pressure.

What is Barometer?
Barometer is a device used to measure atmospheric pressure. It uses liquid mercury to measure. Atmospheric pressure is the force of air molecules determined by weight. The more air weighs forces more pressure on the earth. So High pressure air weighs more, and low-pressure air weighs less. They use this to predict different weather changes. The barometric reading usually is reported in inches of mercury(inHg). In Florida, the most common reading is from 29.9 (inHg) inches to 30.3 (inHg) inches of mercury.

Barometric Pressure Guide to go by

High pressure is when the barometric reading is over 30.20 inHg. Generally, we get clear skies and calm weather. What this means for fishing it slows down. Fishing where there is a covered area or going to deeper water would be your best bet.
High Pressure= fishing slows down

Normal pressure between 29.80 and 30.20 inHg. Weather is considered calm and steady. This is when fishing conditions are normal.
Normal Pressure= Normal fishing conditions

Low pressure is considered below 29.80 inHg. Weather is usually warm air and stormy. Fishing tends to become less active the more this period remains the same.
Low pressure= Less active best bet before this happens

Rising Pressure Usually brings better weather. Typically if the weather is bad when the pressure starts rising weather starts improving and clearing up. Fishing conditions tend to become a little better during this.
Rising Pressure= Think things are starting to get better. Fish are becoming a little more active

Falling Pressure Weather usually starts to get worsen. When the weather is clear then clouds or degrades that is falling pressure. Fishing conditions are the best. This is when they are the most active.
Falling pressure= Grab your rod and reel and get out on the water. Fish are the most active during this period.

As you can see the answer is yes it does affect your fishing. The best takeaway from barometer pressure and fishing. Is when there is a change in condition. The fish bite usually turns on. I feel that is good to remember when fishing when there is change get ready or be on the alert for what’s going on.

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